Video and presentations: 5G-HEART webinar series Webinar #4 – Network Architecture and Slicing for Vertical Trials

This webinar presents the network architecture and slicing definition of testbed facilities to support trialling three verticals, Healthcare, Transport and Aquaculture considered in the 5G-HEART project. The 5G-HEART project exploits five testbed facilities, which are three ICT-17 facilities (5G-VINNI, 5GENESIS, and 5G-EVE) and two national 5G test platforms (5GTN and 5Groningen). The network architecture and key characteristics on three parts (i.e., core & transport, radio & edge, and management & orchestration) of these testbed facilities are introduced. Since the focus of 5G-HEART is to implement use-cases of the three verticals on top of the existing testbed facilities, analysis of the slicing methodology (i.e., identification of supportable slice types and flexible network configuration for various types of slices) required to support the trials are presented for each testbed facilities.

Agenda and materials: