What is 5g heart?

5G-HEART as one of 5G PPP Phase 3 projects will deploy innovative digital use cases involving healthcare, transport and aquaculture industry partnerships.

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5G-HEART webinar series #3 – Aquaculture vertical trials
  5G-HEART webinar series Webinar #3 – Aquaculture vertical trials Date: Friday, May 7, 2021 12:00 pm | 1 hour 30 minutes | (UTC+03:00) Athens, Bucharest Place: On-line The agenda of the meeting will be: Aquaculture vertical: View of general landscape Need for 5G AQUAWINGS platform: What metrics are measured (O2, CO2, ammonia, etc,) Prediction analytics for fish biomass Real measurement and analytics used for network metrics Video from Skironis fish farm area Sealab platform: description Metrics measured Prediction analytics…
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Presentation at Business Finland Health Tuesday webinar
J.Pinola introduced the 5G-HEART healthcare trialling activities with a presentation “Applying 5G and multimedia services to healthcare use cases” at the Business Finland Health Tuesday webinar “What can 5G offer for healthcare delivery and health technology innovation” on 2nd March 2021. Health Tuesday is a series of networking events addressing topical health and wellbeing themes. Organised by Business Finland, the monthly event gathers stakeholders from the Finnish healthcare ecosystem to discuss around a changing theme. The March event focused on…
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Healthcare, transport and food verticals are hugely important in Europe, in terms of jobs, size (collectively surpassing €3Trillion) and export trade. Moreover, they are vital from a social perspective, for better patient outcomes, safer transportation and safer and more sustainable food production. 5G is important for these verticals, in terms of improvements for utility, efficient processes, safety among others.

5G-HEART (validation trials) will focus on these vital vertical use-cases of healthcare, transport and aquaculture. In the health area, 5G-HEART will validate pillcams for automatic detection in screening of colon cancer and vital-sign patches with advanced geo-localization as well as 5G AR/VR paramedic services. In the transport area, 5G-HEART will validate autonomous/assisted/remote driving and vehicle data services. Regarding food, focus will be on 5G-based transformation of aquaculture sector (worldwide importance for Norway, Greece, Ireland).

The infrastructure shared by the verticals, will host important innovations: slicing as a service; resource orchestration in access/core and cloud/edge segments with live user environments. Novel applications and devices (e.g. underwater drones, car components, healthcare devices) will be devised. Trials will run on sites of 5G-Vinni (Oslo), 5Genesis (Surrey), 5G-EVE (Athens), as well as Oulu and Groningen, which will be integrated to form a powerful and sustainable platform where slice concurrency will be validated at scale.

The consortium includes major vertical players, research/academic institutions and SMEs. Partners have proven know-how in 5G, vertical applications, standardisation, business modelling, prototyping, trials, demonstrations.

5G-HEART KPI validation ensures improved healthcare, public safety, farm management and business models in a 5G market, stimulating huge business opportunities within and beyond the project.