Euronews interview promoting e-health technology

Donal Morris (RedZinc) has been interviewed on the Euronews promoting e-health technology.


Business Planet heads to Ireland to take a look at an online hub that’s creating new investment opportunities for EU backed research and innovation.

RedZinc is a specialist in video telemedicine. Its software and wearable cameras enable medics to connect remotely with both patients and each other in real-time.

The award-winning tech, which can be used in-hospital and in remote locations, has proved crucial during the pandemic, helping healthcare professionals to improve diagnosis and treatment, all from a distance.

Donal Morris, CEO and Founder of the company admits the pandemic has been a springboard.

“We started off with wearable videos for paramedics for medical people on the move. It’s expanded out now to resuscitation room support and COVID isolation.”


News link: Opportunities on the horizon: the platform promoting Europe’s best innovation and research | Euronews